What to Pack for A Masai Mara Safari

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Packing for a trip may seem simple but it could be a daunting task even for the most seasoned traveller. The type of items you pack could make or break your safari. That being said, here is our guide to packing the right way and items you’ll need on your Masai Mara safari when travelling alone or with your family.

Lone Traveller

Solo travelling has been on the increase over the past few years. There are many advantages to travelling alone; it’s easy to make last minute arrangements and meeting like minded travellers who you can share ideas with. Masai Mara destinations are ideal for lone travelers and those travelling as a group or family. 

Here are a few tips to get you started on what to pack for your lone trip to the Masai Mara;


  • Neutral colored clothing are ideal as they won’t show dust or dirt. Khaki, olive, brown and green colors are ideal as it helps blend in the bush. Bright colored clothing are not ideal as they make you conspicuous in the bush. It’s also ideal to wear natural fibre clothing like cotton and linen. 
  • It’s also advisable to pack long sleeved tshirts and trousers to help you stay warm during the morning and evenings, and to protect yourself from mosquitoes. Clothes made from natural fibre such as cotton and linen are ideal . 
  • A light raincoat that folds up small is nice to have.
  • Long pants/ shorts are ideal as it helps protect your skin from scratches and insects bites. 
  • If you’re travelling during the rainy seasons, it would be ideal to pack a light, rainproof jacket and waterproof shoes.
  • Don’t forget to pack a utility jacket for the early morning game drives where temperatures are low. A nice utility jacket is functional because it has many pockets for easy access to your lens or small gadgets.
  • Choose a wide brim hat that will cover your face and neck. Get one that comes with a chin strap to prevent it flying off when it’s windy.


  • Pack closed, light and breathable shoes for walking in the bush. 
  • A pair of open sandals are also ideal for wearing around the camp or inside your tour van

Gadgets & Accessories

Gadgets play a vital part in capturing exciting moments on your bush adventures. Depending on your photography skills, a high spec smart phone would be just fine for your safari but you may want to bring a camera with you if you want better pictures. Here are the best gadgets you’ll need for your safari;

  • Binoculars – The truth is most of the wildlife sightings could be in the distant which makes binoculars a necessity. Most experts advice to get a pair with 8/40 or 8/42 magnification
  • Camera – The type of camera you bring on your safari will depend various factors such as your passion for photography and your budget. If you want the best image image quality, a DSLR or mirroless camera is the best option to go for. These have larger sensors so can capture more light than other camera types.
  • Travel adapter – Electrical outlets varies depending on the country so pack an adapter to ensure your phone and camera are powered up. 
  • Camera Bean Bag & Dust Covers – bean bags will keep you camera steady in a vehicle or a boat and could work as a tripod if you don’t have enough space. Dust is inevitable in the bush so a dust cover for your camera would come in handy.


Most safari lodges are remote so you’ll probably fly on a small plane to get there. That said, most safari tour operators advice to bring a soft-sided luggage like duffel bags. Whilst some planes are able to handle bags with one hard side, other may require duffels. It’s important to check baggage rules with your safari operator before packing for the trip. 

Packing For A Family Masai Mara Safari

You have waited for months for your safari to finally come around and now you have to decide what you need to pack for your family safari. Whilst there is the usual holiday stuff you would pack for family vacation, there could be some items you haven’t considered for your Masai Mara safari. Here is what to pack for a safari with your family;


You are packing for the whole family so you want to make sure you are taking the right clothes and are within the weight restrictions. If your safari itinerary includes light aircraft flights, you should limit your luggage to around 12 to 15 kgs.  

For Morning Drives

  • Long sleeved tshirts for chilly mornings
  • A wind proof or water proof jacket, with most jeeps bein g open sidedthere is not much  protection from wind and rain.
  • Jeans or cargo pants, those that zip off atthe knee are very handy
  • Baseball cap or sunhat to keep off dust and sun
  • Short sleeved tshirts and vests for warmer days
  • Swimming suit, most hotels and lodges have swimming pools
  • Quick dry socks

For Evenings

  • Warm sleep wear
  • Casual pants and long sleeved tshirts
  • Khaki or cotton pants for dinner


There may not be much walking during your safari however, there may be some stops for lunch or visiting sites. At such times, you may be walking over rough terrain so a solid pair of comfortable shoes is needed.

Here are the shoes you can pack for the safari;

  • Light weight trainers 
  • Sandals for lounging at the lodge
  • Hiking boots if your itinerary includes hiking trails

Toiletries & First Aid

The African bush is hot and dry so don’t forget to pack moisturiser for your family. Although lodges and camps provide basic toiletries, it’s always advisable to bring your own as kids have sensitive skin and you don’t want any breakouts on your safari.

Here is a list of what you can pack:

  • Moisturiser 
  • Sunscreen
  • Wet wipes
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Hairbrush comb
  • Nail scissors
  • Insect repellent
  • Lip balm
  • Deodorant

You might also need to carry a medical bag just in case one of you gets ill. Here is what you can pack in your medical bag:

  • Anti-malarial medication
  • Vitamins for your kids
  • Deet or antibug mosquito spray
  • Band aids
  • Pain killers 
  • Anti-nausea or diarrhoea medication
  • Flu medicine

Remember to alert your safari operator or host of any allergies your children may have and pack anti allergy medication in the event its needed.


Photography is a great souvenir for your Masai Mara Safari. A good light weight camera would do the job but if you want good close up shots, you need a camera with the right zoom lens like the DSLR.

Other gadgets and accessories you’ll need for your Masai Mara Safari include;

  • Binoculars – Every one should bring their own pair of binoculars to catch the action in time. A small pair of binoculars would work just fine so you don’t need a kids binoculars. 
  • Chargers and spare batteries
  • Electronic entertainment – Remember to download their favorite cartoons and games before travelling because internet connectivity may not be very good.
  • A travel adapter to make sure your gadgets stay powered up.

Whilst it may seem impossible to pack fewer clothes when travelling with kids, most Masai Mara safari camps and lodges offer same day laundry services. Before traveling, it’s advisable to talk to your safari operator about the lodges or camps you’ll be staying at the services they provide. This way, you’ll have a clear idea of important items to include in your safari packing list. 

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