The 10 Best Beach Resorts and Hotels in Liberia

Liberia, a small country located on the west coast of Africa, boasts a nearly unbroken stretch of golden coastline that stretches for about 570 kilometers (354 miles). These beaches, set against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, are often characterized by their golden sands, verdant palm trees, and the gentle rhythmic dance of the ocean waves.

Unlike many other beaches around the world, many of Liberia’s coastal stretches remain untouched and pristine, offering a raw natural beauty seldom found elsewhere. The beaches also serve as nesting grounds for various sea turtle species, adding another layer to their ecological significance.

For those seeking the raw beauty of African shores, Liberia has started to cater to such desires with an array of beach resorts and hotels. Here’s a rundown of the top 10 that promise a blend of relaxation, cultural immersion, and natural splendor.

Kendeja Resort & Villas

Kendeja Resort & Villas is one of the premier luxury destinations in Liberia, offering visitors a unique blend of Liberian heritage and contemporary comforts. Situated a short distance from the bustling capital, Monrovia, this beachfront resort provides an oasis of calm, making it a popular choice for both tourists and business travelers.

Nestled on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the resort boasts a pristine beachfront, allowing guests to revel in the raw beauty of Liberia’s coastline. Its proximity to Monrovia also means that guests can easily explore the city’s attractions.

The resort places a significant emphasis on celebrating Liberian heritage. This is evident in its architecture, which incorporates traditional Liberian design elements with modern luxury aesthetics. The villas are constructed using locally sourced materials, and many feature thatched roofs, reminiscent of local village huts, yet with all the modern amenities.

Kendeja offers a variety of accommodation options, ranging from deluxe rooms to spacious villas. Each room and villa is designed to provide a panoramic view of the ocean or the beautifully landscaped gardens. With modern amenities like air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and luxurious bathrooms, guests can expect a comfortable stay.

The resort boasts an array of dining options. Guests can savor a mix of international cuisines and traditional Liberian dishes prepared by skilled chefs. The beachside bar and restaurant provide the perfect setting for a romantic dinner or a relaxed evening with friends.

One of Kendeja’s unique selling points is its dedication to promoting Liberian culture. The resort frequently organizes cultural performances, showcasing local music, dance, and storytelling. This ensures that guests don’t just enjoy luxury but also gain insights into Liberia’s rich cultural tapestry.

Beyond relaxation, the resort offers a plethora of activities. From swimming in the pristine pool, indulging in spa treatments, to participating in beach sports, there’s something for everyone. Business travelers can also utilize the resort’s conference and meeting facilities.

Nana’s Lodge

Nana’s Lodge is located in Robertsport, a town that boasts some of the most impressive beaches in Liberia. The lodge’s beachfront setting ensures guests have unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean and direct access to the beach.

Robertsport is known for its consistent and high-quality surf breaks, and Nana’s Lodge is strategically positioned to make the most of this. Both beginners and seasoned surfers can enjoy the waves, with opportunities for surf lessons and board rentals.

The lodge offers a range of accommodation options, often balancing simplicity with comfort. Whether it’s beachfront huts or rooms in the main lodge, guests can expect basic but clean and comfortable accommodations.

Nana’s Lodge often features a restaurant or dining area where guests can enjoy both international dishes and local Liberian cuisine. Fresh seafood, given its coastal location, is often a highlight on the menu.

The lodge exudes a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, making it a favorite for backpackers, solo travelers, and families alike. The communal areas provide opportunities for guests to mingle, share stories, and make new friends.

Like many lodges in such natural settings, there’s often an emphasis on minimizing environmental impact. This might be reflected in the construction materials used, waste management practices, and efforts to conserve water and electricity.

Staying at Nana’s Lodge provides guests with an opportunity to engage with the local community. This might be through organized tours, cultural performances, or simply by interacting with staff members and learning more about the Liberian way of life.

Apart from surfing, guests at Nana’s Lodge can indulge in various beach activities, take walks along the coastline, explore the nearby forests, or simply relax and enjoy the sunset over the Atlantic.

While Nana’s Lodge provides a more rustic and authentic experience compared to some luxury resorts, it’s this very authenticity and its spectacular location that draw visitors looking for a genuine Liberian coastal experience. If planning a visit, it’s always a good idea to check recent reviews or get the latest updates on the lodge’s offerings and any new developments.

Libassa Ecolodge

Libassa Ecolodge stands as a testament to sustainable tourism in Liberia. Situated a short drive from Monrovia, this eco-conscious retreat offers visitors an immersive experience in Liberia’s natural beauty while emphasizing environmental preservation and community engagement.

The ethos of Libassa is rooted in sustainability. The entire establishment was built with locally sourced materials, minimizing its carbon footprint. Rainwater harvesting, natural water treatment processes, and solar energy solutions underscore its commitment to eco-friendly operations.

Libassa is uniquely positioned amid a beautiful tropical forest, a lagoon, and the Atlantic Ocean. This diversity allows guests to explore a variety of ecosystems, all within the lodge’s vicinity.

The lodge offers a mix of bungalows and rooms, each designed to blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. The use of natural materials and traditional construction techniques ensures that even within the comfort of their rooms, guests remain connected to nature.

Libassa’s restaurant offers a fusion of international and local dishes, with an emphasis on fresh, organic ingredients. Given its proximity to the ocean, seafood is often a highlight. The open design of the dining area offers panoramic views, enhancing the dining experience.

One of the standout features of Libassa Ecolodge is its wildlife sanctuary, which rescues, rehabilitates, and releases wild animals back into their natural habitat. Guests can learn about and interact with a variety of species, further deepening their connection to Liberia’s fauna.

Beyond the sanctuary, there’s plenty to keep guests engaged. They can swim in the lagoon, hike through the forest, relax by the beach, or take a dip in the lodge’s eco-friendly pool. Additionally, guided tours and excursions can be arranged.

Libassa Ecolodge is deeply integrated with the local community. By employing local staff, sourcing materials and supplies locally, and involving the community in decision-making, the lodge ensures that the benefits of tourism are shared.

Beyond its day-to-day sustainable operations, Libassa is involved in various conservation projects. This includes mangrove restoration, turtle conservation, and environmental education programs, reinforcing its status as a genuine eco-lodge.

Libassa Ecolodge is not just a destination; it’s an experience. For travelers keen on combining relaxation with responsible tourism, it offers the perfect blend of natural beauty, sustainability, and cultural immersion.

Safari Lodge

Like Nana’s Lodge, Safari Lodge is situated in Robertsport, a popular destination known for its pristine beaches and excellent surfing conditions. The lodge’s coastal setting ensures that guests are never too far from the inviting shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Safari Lodge offers a more rustic and authentic experience, allowing visitors to connect deeply with the natural surroundings. Its design and architecture often incorporate locally-sourced materials, giving the lodge an organic feel that complements the environment.

The lodge provides accommodations that blend simplicity with comfort. This might include beachfront huts or rooms that offer panoramic views of the sea. The emphasis is on creating a close-to-nature experience while ensuring guests’ comfort.

Robertsport is a haven for surfers, and Safari Lodge positions itself to cater to this crowd. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a newbie looking to ride your first wave, the lodge can often provide access to surfing equipment and lessons.

Typically, establishments like Safari Lodge have a dining area where guests can enjoy a mix of international dishes and local Liberian cuisine. Given its coastal location, fresh seafood is often a highlight.

One of the key attractions of Safari Lodge is its laid-back and intimate atmosphere. It’s an ideal place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of urban life and engage in relaxation, reading, or simply enjoying the coastal views.

Staying in such lodges often gives guests the opportunity to engage with the local community, be it through organized tours, interactions with local staff, or cultural exchanges.

While I don’t have specifics about Safari Lodge’s sustainability initiatives, many lodges in Robertsport and similar locations emphasize eco-friendly operations, given the importance of preserving the natural beauty and environment that attract visitors in the first place.

Safari Lodge offers a unique experience for those looking to deeply connect with Liberia’s coastal environment and immerse themselves in the relaxed rhythms of Robertsport. As always, when considering a visit, checking the most recent reviews and getting in touch with the establishment directly will provide the most up-to-date insights.

Bella Casa Hotel

Bella Casa Hotel stands out as one of Monrovia’s premier establishments, catering to travelers seeking a blend of urban convenience and coastal relaxation. Located in the heart of the capital, it provides a gateway to both the bustling city life and the serene beaches of Liberia.

Bella Casa Hotel boasts a prime location in Monrovia, offering easy access to the city’s business districts, attractions, shopping areas, and, importantly, the beach. Its central positioning makes it a favorite among business travelers and tourists alike.

Unlike some of the rustic lodges on the Liberian coast, Bella Casa is known for its modern aesthetics. The interiors and exteriors reflect contemporary design elements, ensuring guests have a comfortable and upscale experience.

The hotel offers a range of rooms and suites to cater to varying needs and preferences. These are typically equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and more. Many rooms also provide captivating views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Bella Casa Hotel often receives accolades for its dining options. Guests can expect a blend of international dishes and local Liberian flavors at the hotel’s restaurant. Additionally, the on-site bar or lounge provides an ideal setting for relaxation, offering a range of drinks and often featuring live music or performances.

Given its location in the capital, Bella Casa is equipped to cater to business travelers. The hotel offers conference rooms and meeting facilities, complete with modern audio-visual equipment, making it a sought-after venue for corporate events in Monrovia.

Despite its urban setting, Bella Casa doesn’t skimp on leisure amenities. Guests can typically find facilities like a fitness center, a spa, or even a pool, ensuring relaxation after a day of business or sightseeing.

In an urban environment, security is paramount. Bella Casa Hotel has generally prioritized the safety of its guests with round-the-clock security, CCTV surveillance, and other safety measures.

Due to its central location, guests at Bella Casa have a plethora of attractions at their fingertips. From exploring local markets and historical sites to taking short trips to nearby beaches, there’s no shortage of activities to engage in.

Bella Casa Hotel serves as a testament to Monrovia’s evolving hospitality scene, blending the city’s vibrancy with the tranquil allure of the coast. For those planning a stay, it’s always advisable to check the hotel’s official website or contact them directly for the latest offerings and any ongoing promotions.

The Cape Hotel

The Cape Hotel is one of Monrovia’s upscale establishments, distinguishing itself with a prime waterfront location and luxurious amenities. Situated along the coastline, the hotel offers guests a captivating blend of the Atlantic’s serene views and easy access to the capital city’s lively ambiance.

Positioned on Mamba Point in Monrovia, The Cape Hotel offers panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Its location provides both a serene coastal experience and the convenience of being close to the city’s major attractions and business districts.

The Cape Hotel is known for its sophisticated architecture and design. The interiors are tastefully decorated, showcasing a blend of modern aesthetics and touches of Liberian culture, ensuring a luxurious and culturally rich ambiance.

The hotel provides a variety of rooms and suites tailored to cater to diverse guest needs. These accommodations are furnished with contemporary amenities, including air conditioning, Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and more. The rooms also emphasize comfort and often boast spectacular ocean or city views.

The hotel’s restaurant offers a culinary journey, blending international cuisine with Liberian flavors. With a focus on fresh ingredients, the dining experience is enhanced by the backdrop of the ocean. Additionally, the hotel’s bar or lounge provides an array of drinks, making it a perfect spot for relaxation or casual meetings.

Catering to a mix of leisure and business travelers, The Cape Hotel is equipped with modern conference and meeting facilities. The state-of-the-art amenities make it a preferred choice for hosting corporate events, seminars, or workshops.

Beyond its luxurious rooms and dining, the hotel offers a range of leisure facilities, including a swimming pool, spa, and fitness center. This ensures guests can unwind and rejuvenate after a busy day.

Being a premier establishment, The Cape Hotel emphasizes guest security. The hotel usually incorporates advanced security measures, including 24/7 surveillance, trained security personnel, and other safety protocols.

The hotel’s strategic location means guests are a short drive away from several of Monrovia’s attractions, including markets, historical sites, and cultural landmarks.

The Cape Hotel stands out as a beacon of luxury and comfort in Monrovia, offering both travelers and business professionals a refined stay against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. As always, to get the most recent updates about the hotel’s offerings, services, and packages, it’s best to refer to its official website or contact the establishment directly.

Palm Spring Resort

Palm Spring Resort is situated in Monrovia, making it convenient for visitors looking to explore the capital city of Liberia. Its prime location offers guests accessibility to various attractions, business hubs, and other points of interest.

The resort provides a range of rooms and suites, each typically equipped with contemporary amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. This includes Wi-Fi, air conditioning, modern bathroom facilities, and often views of the surrounding cityscape or the property’s grounds.

Palm Spring Resort usually features an in-house restaurant, which offers a mix of international dishes and local Liberian cuisine. Some resorts of this caliber also have bars or lounges, allowing guests to enjoy beverages and relax.

As a resort, it’s likely to have a range of recreational and relaxation facilities. This can include a swimming pool, spa services, and fitness facilities, catering to both leisure and business travelers.

Given its location in the capital and its stature, Palm Spring Resort is equipped to serve business travelers. It might offer facilities such as conference rooms, business centers, and event spaces suitable for corporate gatherings or social events.

Top-tier establishments like Palm Spring Resort prioritize the safety and well-being of their guests. Expect 24/7 security services, surveillance systems, and trained staff to ensure a secure stay.

Being in Monrovia, guests at Palm Spring Resort are close to a variety of attractions, including historical sites, markets, beaches, and cultural landmarks.

Cece’s Beach House

Cece’s Beach House, situated in Liberia, boasts a prime location directly on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Beach houses, by design, are often located steps away from the sand and surf, allowing guests unparalleled access to the beach. The immediate surroundings of Cece’s Beach House might be tranquil, with the rhythmic sound of waves providing a calming backdrop.

Beach houses like Cece’s typically offer cozy and comfortable accommodations, reflecting the laid-back beach ambiance. The rooms or suites may be adorned with coastal-themed decor, with many offering direct views of the ocean. Large windows and balconies or patios could be common features, allowing guests to soak in the beach’s beauty even from indoors.

While some beach houses have on-site restaurants, others might adopt a more intimate approach with kitchens or kitchenettes for guests to prepare their own meals.

Being a beachfront property, Cece’s Beach House likely provides guests with a plethora of beach-related activities. From sunbathing and beachcombing to water sports and bonfire nights, there’s potentially something for every beach lover. Additionally, amenities such as hammocks, loungers, and perhaps even a pool might be available for guests.

Apart from the beach itself, the vicinity around Cece’s Beach House could be dotted with other attractions. Local markets, cultural sites, and other natural landscapes might be within a short drive or walk from the property, allowing guests to immerse themselves in Liberia’s rich culture and environment.

Golden Gate Hotel

The Golden Gate Hotel, situated in Liberia, offers a convenient and strategic location for both tourists and business travelers. Being in Liberia, it could offer proximity to various attractions, commercial hubs, and perhaps even coastal views.

The hotel likely provides a range of rooms and suites tailored to suit various guest needs. These accommodations may be designed with both comfort and functionality in mind, offering modern amenities.

Most hotels of a certain caliber offer on-site dining options. The Golden Gate Hotel could have a restaurant or cafe, offering a mix of local Liberian dishes and international cuisines. Some might also have a bar or lounge area for guests to relax.

Depending on its size and market, the hotel may offer facilities like a fitness center, conference rooms for business meetings, a swimming pool, and perhaps even a spa or wellness center.

Service is an essential aspect of any hotel experience. The Golden Gate Hotel, given its mention among notable establishments in Liberia, likely emphasizes guest satisfaction and professional service.

Depending on its exact location, the hotel may offer easy access to local tourist attractions, beaches, cultural sites, or shopping areas in Liberia.

Larger hotels often have facilities to host events, conferences, weddings, or other functions. If Golden Gate Hotel caters to business travelers, it might have such amenities.

Lagoon Resort

Nestled in Liberia, Lagoon Resort provides guests with a serene environment, often featuring scenic views of the nearby lagoon or water bodies, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation.

The resort offers a mix of rooms, suites, and possibly bungalows or villas. Given its proximity to a lagoon, some accommodations might offer waterfront views or direct access to the lagoon or beach area.

Lagoon Resort likely houses a restaurant or dining facility that offers a variety of cuisines, with a focus on fresh seafood given its waterfront location. Guests can expect a mix of international dishes and local Liberian flavors.

Given its setting, the resort may offer water-based activities such as boating, fishing, or kayaking. Nature walks, bird watching, or other eco-tourism activities might also be on the list of offerings.

The resort might be equipped with a range of amenities for relaxation and recreation, such as a swimming pool, spa services, or recreational areas.

Some resorts offer facilities for hosting events, conferences, or private celebrations, given the scenic backdrop and serene environment.

Being close to a lagoon or natural setting, the resort might have initiatives in place for environmental conservation and sustainable practices.

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