Tsavo East vs Tsavo West, Which Park has More to Offer?

Tsavo national park, which is divided into tsavo east and tsavo west, is the largest national park in Kenya. The park covers an area of 22,000 square kilometres and stretches from Taita taveta county all the way to Kitui county in the north. 

The parks are home to the largest population of wild elephants and many other mammal and bird species. One notable difference between the elephants in the tsavo and their counterparts in amboseli is that the tsavo elephants appear to have a reddish skin and the amboseli elephants appear to have a greyish skin. 

This is because elephants in tsavo roll in the red mud soil which prevents insects and other parasites from hatching on their skins. 

Where is Tsavo East national park located? 

Tsavo east national park is located near Voi town in Taita taveta county. The park covers an area of 13,747 square kilometres making it one of the largest parks in Kenya. 

Where is Tsavo West national park located? 

Tsavo west national park is located south of Voi town and borders Chyulu hills national park to the west. The two parks make up the Tsavo conservancy area. Animals roam freely between the two parks even though there is a major highway dividing the two parks. 

Tsavo east vs Tsavo west comparison


Tsavo East 

Tsavo West 

Distance from Nairobi

209 miles 

164 miles 

Distance from Mombasa

100 miles 

174 miles 

How to get there 

By road or air 

By road or air

Park fees

$52 for adults, $35 for kids 

$52 for adults, $35 for kids


Wildlife, trekking 

Cave exploration, game viewing 


Warm and dry 

Warm and dry 


Tented camps and lodges 

Tented camps and lodges

Distance from Nairobi and Mombasa 

Tsavo east national park is approximately 209 miles from Nairobi and about 100 miles from the coastal city of Mombasa. You can get to the park by road from both Mombasa and Nairobi or by air to one of the airstrips within the park. 

Tsavo west national park is approximately 174 miles from the coastal city of Mombasa and 164 miles from Nairobi. The best way to get to the park is by road from either Nairobi or Mombasa. 

Park entry fees for Tsavo east and Tsavo west


Adult (US$)

Child (US$)

Entrance Fees




Vehicle Fees


Vehicle Capacity 

Cost in Ksh

6 seater or less

Ksh 300

6-12 seater

Ksh 1,030

12-24 seater 

Ksh 2,585

24-44 seater

Ksh 4,050

45 seater +

Ksh 5,000

Attractions and activities in Tsavo east 

Being one of the largest parks in Kenya, Tsavo east has a lot to offer. Some of the top attractions and activities include;

  • Bird watching 
  • Camping 
  • Trekking in the wild 
  • Game viewing 

Attractions and activities in tsavo west

Attractions and activities in Tsavo west include;

  • Ancient cave exploration
  • Game viewing 
  • Hippo watching
  • Bird watching
  • Mzima springs 
  • Ngulia sanctuary 

What animals can you see when on a tsavo safari?

The animals you can expect to see on a tsavo safari include;

  • Elephants 
  • Giraffes 
  • Hippos
  • Zebras 
  • Lions 
  • Hyenas 

Tsavo weather 

Tsavo weather is usually warm and dry with occasional rainfall in November and December as well as the long rains in March and April. Temperatures can get quite hot in the dry season especially in January when the park is at its driest. 

Best time to visit tsavo 

The best time to visit tsavo is during the dry months of Jan- March and June-Oct. Check out this article for more information about when to visit tsavo

The best thing about tsavo is that it never gets as busy as masai mara hence you are always assured of a memorable safari. 

Accommodation in Tsavo 

Accommodation in both tsavo east and tsavo west ranges from budget and luxury camps to high end lodges within the parks. If you’re on a budget or you’re a solo traveller, you can stay outside the park in one of the nearby towns and then go on a day safari in the park. Accommodation outside the park tends to be more affordable. 


Tsavo national park has a lot to offer safari goers. Its landscape is unique and has both a desert and jungle feel. If you’re planning an african safari, tsavo is worth visiting not only for its wildlife but also for its bird species. 

If you book a bush to beach safari, you can pass by tsavo on your way to Mombasa or vice versa. 


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