The 10 Best Beach Resorts and Hotels in Morocco

Morocco, predominantly known for its rich history, bustling medinas, and the undulating Sahara, also boasts an incredibly diverse coastline that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea in the north to the Atlantic Ocean in the west. The Northern Mediterranean shores are characterized by intimate coves and rocky outcrops, ideal for those seeking a quiet escape. Towns like Al Hoceima offer pristine beaches with turquoise waters, reminiscent of those in Southern Europe.

As you travel down the west coast along the Atlantic, the landscape dramatically changes. The beaches become vast and expansive, renowned for their golden sands and robust waves. Cities like Agadir and Essaouira are famous for their beachfronts, offering a unique blend of Moroccan culture and seaside recreation. Agadir, with its modern promenade and long stretch of beach, attracts sun-worshippers and families, while Essaouira, with its strong coastal winds, is a magnet for surfers and kiteboarding enthusiasts.

Further south, as you approach the fringes of the Western Sahara, the beaches become more remote and untouched, providing a raw, natural beauty. Places like Dakhla, located on a narrow peninsula, offer an unparalleled sense of tranquillity, making it a paradise for those wanting to indulge in water sports or simply bask in the serenity of isolated shores. In essence, Morocco’s beaches present a multifaceted coastal experience, suitable for adventurers, relaxation-seekers, and everyone in between.

In this article we explore the best beach resorts and hotels in Morocco.

La Mamounia, Marrakech

La Mamounia, Marrakech, is not just a hotel but an institution that holds a cherished spot in the rich tapestry of Moroccan history. Named after its 200-year-old gardens, which were given as an 18th-century wedding gift to Prince Moulay Mamoun by his father, the hotel itself was established in the 1920s. It’s a perfect blend of Moroccan tradition and Art Deco elegance, providing its guests with a glimpse into the nation’s storied past.

The hotel’s design encapsulates a classic Moroccan aesthetic infused with modern luxury. Intricate zellige tiles, carved wooden fixtures, and traditional Moroccan lanterns can be found throughout the property, harmoniously combined with contemporary furnishings and art. The sprawling gardens of La Mamounia, filled with olive trees, citrus groves, and vibrant flowers, offer a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech.

La Mamounia offers a broad spectrum of world-class amenities. The hotel boasts a selection of restaurants that cater to various culinary tastes, from authentic Moroccan dishes to Italian and French cuisines. Its sumptuous spa, which incorporates traditional hammam rituals, offers guests a rejuvenating escape in a luxurious setting.

The hotel also has a sizable outdoor pool, indoor pool, and tennis courts. Given its location, guests can easily venture out to explore Marrakech’s historic medina, which is a short walk away, and return to the tranquility of the hotel.

Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort, El Jadida’

Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort is a luxurious destination located along the pristine shores of the Atlantic coast, south of the historic port city of El Jadida in Morocco. The resort, spread across a vast 250 hectares, offers guests a harmonious blend of beachfront relaxation and recreational activities, set against the backdrop of the mesmerizing Atlantic Ocean.

Designed to reflect the rich architectural tapestry of Morocco, Mazagan showcases elements of Moorish design complemented by modern aesthetics. Guests can witness the grandeur of domed structures, intricate mosaic tiles, gracefully arching doorways, and detailed carvings in wood and stone. This architectural homage ensures that visitors experience a slice of Morocco’s storied heritage while enjoying contemporary comforts.

Mazagan Spa serves as a haven for those seeking rejuvenation. Drawing inspiration from traditional Moroccan wellness practices, the spa offers treatments that incorporate age-old rituals, especially the iconic Moroccan hammam. With a serene ambiance and a well-equipped fitness center, the spa ensures a holistic approach to wellness.

Culinary adventures at Mazagan are as diverse as they are delightful. With over ten restaurants and bars on the property, guests can embark on a gastronomic journey that spans from authentic Moroccan dishes to flavors from the Mediterranean and Asia. Each dining venue promises unique ambiance, flavors, and impeccable service.

Understanding the varied needs of its guests, Mazagan provides a dedicated kids’ club packed with engaging activities for younger visitors. Beyond the beach and multiple pools, adults can indulge in a range of entertainment options, be it trying their luck at the casino, dancing the night away at the nightclub, or exploring a plethora of water sports.

Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort, Agadir

The Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort is a beacon of luxury and elegance nestled along the sweeping coastlines of Agadir, one of Morocco’s premier beach destinations. This luxurious property encapsulates a harmonious blend of contemporary aesthetics with traditional Moroccan design, offering guests a sanctuary of relaxation with a touch of the country’s rich cultural essence.

At the heart of the Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort is its commitment to showcasing the intricate details of Moroccan craftsmanship. Visitors are greeted with beautiful archways, warm earthy tones, handcrafted lanterns, and ornate woodwork. These traditional elements are gracefully interwoven with modern design features, creating spaces that are both inviting and luxurious. The lush gardens and palm-fringed pools further enhance the resort’s charm, providing serene spots for relaxation.

The resort boasts a wide range of accommodations, from elegant rooms to opulent suites, each offering views of the ocean, gardens, or pool. The interiors are thoughtfully designed with comfort and luxury in mind, featuring plush bedding, spacious bathrooms, and modern amenities. Within the property, guests can enjoy a plethora of facilities including a heated outdoor pool, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and a children’s club ensuring entertainment for the little ones.

Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort takes pride in its gastronomic offerings. Multiple restaurants on the premises cater to diverse palates, serving everything from traditional Moroccan delicacies to international cuisines. Each dining venue, whether it’s the beachfront restaurant or the sophisticated indoor setting, promises an ambiance that complements the culinary delights.

Beyond the confines of the resort, Agadir offers a myriad of experiences for visitors. The city’s promenade is perfect for leisurely walks, while its marina is bustling with cafes and shops. The ancient Kasbah, perched on a hilltop, offers panoramic views of the city and the sea. For those looking to delve deeper into Moroccan culture, the local souks and markets provide a colorful and vibrant shopping experience.

Paradis Plage, Agadir

Perched gracefully on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Paradis Plage is one of Agadir’s standout beach resorts, specifically tailored for those seeking both relaxation and adventure. Located a short drive north of the city center, this resort encapsulates the spirit of the sea and offers a distinct blend of Moroccan authenticity with the freshness of the coastal ambiance.

Paradis Plage seamlessly blends eco-friendly designs with traditional Moroccan aesthetics. The property, with its lavish gardens and direct beach access, exudes a sense of serenity. Its structures, crafted with sustainable materials, feature spacious patios, panoramic terraces, and vibrant Berber-inspired patterns, perfectly encapsulating the rich cultural tapestry of the region.

The accommodations at Paradis Plage are designed with the guest’s utmost comfort in mind. From suites and bungalows to luxurious villas, each lodging option offers unobstructed views of the ocean or the lush resort gardens. Modern amenities, combined with tastefully designed interiors featuring Moroccan craftsmanship, ensure that guests enjoy a tranquil yet luxurious stay.

A standout feature of Paradis Plage is its commitment to wellness and water sports. The resort is home to one of the region’s premier surf spots, catering to both novices and experienced surfers. Its yoga sessions, held at ocean-facing pavilions, allow guests to rejuvenate their mind and body against the soothing backdrop of the Atlantic.

A standout feature of Paradis Plage is its commitment to wellness and water sports. The resort is home to one of the region’s premier surf spots, catering to both novices and experienced surfers. Its yoga sessions, held at ocean-facing pavilions, allow guests to rejuvenate their mind and body against the soothing backdrop of the Atlantic.

Beyond its in-house offerings, Paradis Plage provides guests with numerous opportunities to explore the beauty of Agadir and its surroundings. Guided excursions to local attractions, trekking expeditions in the nearby Atlas Mountains, and visits to traditional Berber villages can be easily arranged, ensuring guests receive a comprehensive Moroccan experience.

Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay, Fnideq

Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay, situated near the town of Fnideq in Morocco’s northern coastline, is a sanctuary of luxury and serenity. This 5-star resort, nestled along the beautiful Tamouda Bay, is a part of the renowned Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts, known globally for their commitment to providing unparalleled hospitality experiences.

Reflecting the intricate charm of Moroccan and Moorish architecture, Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay boasts whitewashed buildings, intricately designed archways, and elaborate mosaic patterns. The resort is a seamless fusion of traditional Moroccan aesthetics with the refined luxury that the Banyan Tree brand is celebrated for.

Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay prides itself on its culinary offerings. With a selection of restaurants on the premises, guests are taken on a gastronomic journey that ranges from authentic Moroccan cuisine to Asian and international dishes. Whether it’s a romantic beachfront dinner or a lavish meal in the intricately designed dining rooms, every meal becomes a moment to cherish.

Every villa at Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay is a testament to opulence. Designed with privacy in mind, each villa comes with its own private pool, offering guests an exclusive haven of tranquility. The interiors, echoing the broader design of the resort, blend traditional Moroccan décor elements with contemporary comforts, ensuring that every stay is both authentic and luxurious.

Beyond its in-resort luxuries, Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay serves as a gateway to the rich cultural tapestry of Northern Morocco. Guests can embark on guided tours to explore the historic charm of nearby Tetouan or Chefchaouen, the famous blue city. For those seeking adventure, the surrounding landscapes offer opportunities for hiking, horse riding, and even golfing at nearby courses.

L’Heure Bleue Palais, Essaouira

Tucked away within the ancient walls of Essaouira’s medina, L’Heure Bleue Palais stands as a testament to bygone luxury and the rich history of this coastal town. A member of the esteemed Relais & Châteaux collection, this hotel effortlessly merges the grandeur of a palace with the intimacy of a Moroccan home, capturing the essence of elegance and timelessness.

The rooms and suites at L’Heure Bleue Palais are designed to offer guests a retreat of unparalleled comfort and luxury. Each accommodation option, be it a classic room or an expansive suite, showcases a harmonious blend of Moroccan decor and contemporary amenities. With plush furnishings, private balconies, and views overlooking the medina or the hotel’s courtyard, every stay promises exclusivity and relaxation.

Dining at L’Heure Bleue Palais is a celebration of Moroccan and international cuisines. The rooftop restaurant, with its panoramic views of the Atlantic and the medina, offers a menu that is a blend of local flavors and global inspirations. Fresh seafood from the town’s harbor, aromatic spices, and locally sourced ingredients take center stage, ensuring that every meal is a sensory delight.

For those seeking relaxation, the hotel’s hammam and spa offer a traditional Moroccan wellness experience. Guests can indulge in treatments that incorporate age-old rituals, aromatic oils, and natural ingredients. The rooftop pool, with its views of the sea and the town, provides a serene spot for leisure and relaxation.

L’Heure Bleue Palais’s location within the medina ensures guests are mere steps away from the cultural and historic landmarks of Essaouira. From the bustling souks, historic ramparts, and the renowned Skala de la Ville to the serene beaches, guests can immerse themselves in the multifaceted charm of this UNESCO World Heritage-listed town.

Le Médina Essaouira Hotel Thalassa Sea & Spa

Overlooking the mesmerizing Atlantic coast, Le Médina Essaouira Hotel Thalassa Sea & Spa serves as a luxurious gateway to the vibrant culture and captivating beauty of Essaouira. As part of the AccorHotels group, this establishment epitomizes seaside luxury, combining modern elegance with subtle touches of Moroccan tradition.

The architectural charm of Le Médina Essaouira Hotel is a blend of contemporary design and Moroccan authenticity. Its façade, inspired by the traditional riads of the region, is adorned with local craftsmanship, from intricate woodwork to beautifully crafted tiles.

Offering an array of luxurious rooms and suites, guests at Le Médina Essaouira Hotel are treated to unparalleled comfort and panoramic views. Each room, thoughtfully designed with a harmonious blend of modern amenities and traditional decor, offers vistas of the historic medina, the hotel’s lush gardens, or the expansive sea. Premium bedding, spacious bathrooms, and a serene ambiance ensure every stay is relaxing.

One of the hotel’s standout features is its renowned Thalassa Sea & Spa. This wellness sanctuary utilizes the therapeutic properties of sea water, marine minerals, and seaweed in its treatments. From traditional thalassotherapy sessions to Moroccan hammams and spa rituals, guests can indulge in a holistic wellness journey designed to rejuvenate both body and mind.

Beyond its luxurious confines, Le Médina Essaouira Hotel serves as a starting point for exploring the enchanting town of Essaouira. Guests can venture into the historic medina with its bustling souks, visit the town’s ancient ramparts and fortifications, or partake in water sports along the beach. The hotel also organizes cultural and recreational excursions, ensuring guests have a comprehensive experience.

Villa Maroc, Essaouira

Nestled within the historic walls of Essaouira’s enchanting medina, Villa Maroc stands as an embodiment of traditional Moroccan hospitality. As one of the first riads to be transformed into a hotel in the town, this establishment has played a pivotal role in introducing travelers to the intimate charm of riad living, blending centuries-old architecture with modern comforts.

Villa Maroc is a brilliant showcase of classic Moroccan architecture and design. The riad is structured around multiple courtyards, each offering its own unique ambiance, with cascading plants, vibrant tiles, and serene water features. Whitewashed walls, carved wooden beams, and traditional lanterns adorn the interiors, creating a calming atmosphere that pays homage to Essaouira’s rich heritage.

The rooms and suites at Villa Maroc are designed to provide guests with a personal and cozy retreat. Each room, distinct in its decor and layout, encapsulates a piece of Moroccan artistry, be it through textiles, handcrafted furniture, or artisanal fixtures. Offering views of the medina, courtyards, or the distant Atlantic, every room is a sanctuary of tranquility amidst the town’s vibrant tapestry.

Dining at Villa Maroc is an intimate affair that celebrates Moroccan culinary traditions. Guests can relish their meals in the riad’s cozy dining areas or on the panoramic terrace overlooking the sea and medina. With a menu curated from fresh local produce and the catch of the day, each dish is a testament to the region’s rich gastronomic palette, from flavorful tagines to fresh seafood delicacies.

A haven of relaxation, Villa Maroc boasts its own Oriental Spa, a serene space dedicated to well-being and rejuvenation. Using natural products and traditional techniques, the spa offers treatments that range from Moroccan hammams to revitalizing massages. The experience is designed to transport guests to a realm of calm, drawing inspiration from age-old wellness rituals.

Owing to its strategic location within the medina, Villa Maroc provides guests with easy access to Essaouira’s cultural and historic landmarks. The bustling souks, the majestic Skala fortifications, art galleries, and the picturesque harbor are all within walking distance, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the town’s multifaceted charm.

Pullman Mazagan Royal Golf & Spa, El Jadida

Situated along Morocco’s captivating Atlantic coastline, the Pullman Mazagan Royal Golf & Spa in El Jadida is more than just a luxury resort—it’s an exquisite fusion of modern elegance, world-class amenities, and traditional Moroccan charm. Part of the prestigious Pullman brand, this establishment promises an experience that caters to both leisure and business travelers, set against the picturesque backdrop of the ocean and a renowned golf course.

The resort boasts an architecture that masterfully integrates contemporary design elements with the distinct aesthetics of Moroccan artistry. Spacious lobbies with high ceilings, geometric patterns, and a blend of warm and neutral colors create an ambiance that is both welcoming and grand. The extensive use of glass ensures that guests are continually connected to the breathtaking vistas outside.

Pullman Mazagan offers a diverse range of rooms and suites, each designed with utmost attention to detail and comfort. Large windows ensure that guests are treated to panoramic views, be it of the manicured golf course, lush gardens, or the vast Atlantic Ocean. Modern amenities, plush bedding, and tasteful décor combine to guarantee a stay that is both luxurious and rejuvenating.

The dining experiences at the Pullman Mazagan are a gastronomic delight. With multiple restaurants on the premises, guests can journey through a range of flavors, from traditional Moroccan dishes to international cuisines. Expert chefs, using the freshest of ingredients, craft menus that cater to diverse palates, ensuring that every meal becomes a memorable event.

Kasbah Tamadot, Atlas Mountains

Nestled in the foothills of the majestic Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Kasbah Tamadot is one of Sir Richard Branson’s luxury retreats, part of the Virgin Limited Edition portfolio. This stunning property, acquired by Branson during one of his ballooning expeditions, is renowned for its exceptional service, lavish accommodations, and commitment to supporting local Berber communities.

Kasbah Tamadot effortlessly exudes an aura of traditional Moroccan elegance. The property boasts intricately designed courtyards, gardens, and spaces filled with antiques from all over the world, gathered by the property’s previous owner, antiques dealer and interior designer Luciano Tempo. The property’s 28 rooms and suites reflect the rich cultural heritage of Morocco with traditional furnishings, vibrant colors, and plush materials.

The accommodations at Kasbah Tamadot are a mix of rooms, suites, and luxurious Berber tents. The tents offer a unique glamping experience with private decking areas and whirlpool tubs, providing guests with unparalleled mountain views. Every room and suite is distinct, adorned with unique artifacts and antiques, ensuring that no two visits are ever quite the same.

The resort offers an array of amenities and activities. The spa provides a range of treatments inspired by North African rituals. For those wanting to stay active, there’s a tennis court, a gym, and numerous trekking routes through the mountains. The resort also boasts a heated outdoor infinity pool and a separate pool just for children. Equestrian enthusiasts can enjoy mule and horse treks, while those interested in local culture can visit neighboring Berber villages.

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